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Nov 11, 2019

This week's episode is in honor of the veterans for Remembrance Day and anyone globally who has been affected by war. When I think about Remembrance Day, I think about the people who willingly signed up for some of the most treacherous, dangerous and uncomfortable duties and jobs and how they did it with pride and enthusiasm knowing that they were heading into something that was greater than them on an individual scale. My grandpa was part of a generation that selflessly marched off to war with pride and honor.  

Let's remember those incredibly resilient and brave souls who marched into the great wars but also for those wars since and ongoing. Let us remember those who have been affected by generational trauma and PTSD as the residual effects are brought back with the veterans. Let us not judge or scoff at those modern day warriors who are choosing to champion sacrifice and soldier on for a cause greater than themselves. Let's remember that when we decide to show up for something, that we do it with pride and honor the way that our grandparents did. 


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