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Dec 2, 2019

This week I have the pleasure of speaking with two of my former colleagues and now retired teachers Jill Calvert Goetz and Wendy Calvert Morris. These two ladies are veteran teachers who are not only best friends but sisters. I wanted to have them on the show because they have been so influential in my own teaching career and with this rapidly changing school system and the teaching job itself I have found it so valuable to have mentorship and advice from colleagues who have more or less seen it all. My favourite take away from this episode is the advice that both Wendy and Jill give to newer teachers.

If you enjoyed this episode with Wendy and Jill head over the comments section and leave a review and if you’re a teacher let us know the advice that you would give to a new teacher; and tune in next time for more game changing tips on the My Gratitude Attitude Podcast!


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