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Dec 8, 2019

Think that feminism is something that only activists can practice? Think that being a feminist means being anti men? Think again!

Thordis Elva, renowned TED speaker, author and Activist gives us insight on how to add feminist practices to our daily lives. One particularly great take away was how to incorporate this notion with our kids. If you follow Thordis on Instagram you will get a glimpse into the way that she raises her three boys and especially her eldest son Frey who has more than once stood up to bullies at school because of inequality towards girls in his class. 

What I love about Thordis is her passion and brilliance for these huge issues and also her ability to share her vulnerabilities in real life and being a mom to five kids and also her sense of humour. If you haven’t already listened to her incredible interview all about the unbelievable story of her twin baby boys, bed rest and their premature birth then head back to episode 32 and hear her amazing story about how social media helped carry her through this really difficult time in her life. 

Today is a big topic but so important to talk about.


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