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Jun 24, 2019

This week I am joined by Lisa Avery as she shares her 5 tips for making your dreams turn into reality! 

Lisa is a Teacher who along with her husband and two sons took a year to travel to Whistler, BC, Hawaii and Arizona! Lisa will be featured in the MGA Teacher Series that is coming up at the end of Summer 2019 but I just couldn’t wait to share with you her 5 tips to making your dreams reality so here is a sneak peak into her epic interview. 

Lisa Avery started her career in teaching with the Simcoe County Board of Education in 1999.  Currently, she is a Kindergarten teacher at Worsley Elementary School in Wasaga Beach.  She and her husband Paul have two sons; Luke is 10 and Sawyer is 3.  As a family, they enjoy spending as much time as they can in nature hiking, biking, and traveling.   They just returned home from a year long adventure where they lived in Whistler, Hawaii, and Arizona.  

You can check out their adventures on their YouTube channel at

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