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Jan 27, 2020

This week on the My Gratitude Attitude podcast, I am beyond thrilled to have Melissa Leong as she shares with us some important financial information and advice.

Melissa Leong is one of Canada’s best-loved authorities on personal finance. She’s a sought-after speaker, best-selling author and award-winning writer. She’s the author of the feel-good finance guide, Happy Go Money and is the resident money expert on Canada’s leading daytime talk show, The Social on CTV. Her articles have appeared in newspapers across the country, including as the personal finance writer for the Financial Post. She’s also a go-to money expert for radio and television programs, appearing on BNN, CBC Radio, Breakfast Television, CP24, to name a few.  She's also the host of The Money Moves, a podcast by the Globe and Mail's Content studio. I honestly cannot wait for you to hear this episode. It is fantastic. You will feel empowered after you listen to Melissa's episode.

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