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Apr 1, 2019

For today’s podcast I had the fortunate opportunity to have a conversation with my friend Diane Liska about her journey and mission as a therapist who uses holistic healing methods including yoga and psychotherapy to help people work through their own healing process.  Diane has been practicing psychotherapy for over 10 years and has learned and grown so much through her own healing practice, as well as in her work.  In our conversation today, we got to talk about so many beautiful topics from how Diane began her journey and how she has changed through the process, to how she managed her family life with her work, and so many more eye-opening experiences that she went through along the way.  We will also learn about some of her own practices for cultivating gratitude, self-compassion, and connection.  Working and living in a state of flow has changed Diane’s life so much since she took a leap of faith and stepped into her heart's path.  We hope you feel the light and wisdom that Diane shared with us to be enlightening and healing. 

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