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Jul 8, 2019

I recently went to an event called the Atelier where I heard a number of inspirational entrepreneurial women speak and one of those women happened to be Melissa Leong. Now Melissa is the financial adviser to The Social and has been featured on many media outlets and has written for the financial post. She had such great wisdom to share that I bought her book at the conference and even stood in line like a groupie to have her sign it!  

As soon as I saw what she wrote in my book I was so excited to dig into the pages - she signed it Make Life Rich. And I just knew that somehow gratitude would be somewhere in her book. I was right.  

Now yes you could take stock of all of the “things you have” but in Leong’s book Happy Go Money she doesn’t point us in that direction. In fact, she touts study after study that demonstrate that true happiness comes from social connections and community with others. 

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