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Mar 4, 2019

“My life’s philosophy is to treat all beings with love, kindness and compassion for we are all connected and deserve equal respect.”  —Jewels

I am so so grateful to have Jewels Wilkinson on the podcast today. She is one of those human beings that you instantly want to stand next to so that you can try and absorb some of the light and good energy that is coming out of her. I first met her in Sweden at a 109 World Women’s Yoga Retreat and we later traveled to Denmark together with a bunch of the other girls from the group.

The unexpected death of her father made Jewels realize how short life is and that she no longer wanted fear to run her life. So Jewels achieved her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Her personal struggles and healing taught her how resilient the human soul is and inspired her to help others find their truest authentic selves through the connection of the mind, body and soul with yoga and meditation. She has a fascinating story and has found so much gratitude in some really really difficult struggles. Let’s a deep breath in and a long exhale out and we’ll hear from Jewels herself.  

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