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Feb 11, 2019

This week I am so grateful to have Heather Larson on the show. I first met Heather on social media actually which I feel like is a funny place to meet friends but - never the less I am happy that we connected this way. I had been looking for some inspiration for a more plant based lifestyle and wasn’t sure what that might look like with a new baby and once she started eating solid foods. I searched around and came across her instagram and then checked out her web page and found it really helpful to read her blogs and stories. We started messaging and became friends while traveling this sometimes bumpy road of motherhood. 

Heather has been through some of the most difficult things that the human spirit should ever have to endure. The loss of her first child has played a monumental role in how she lives life today. Her grit, resilience and quite frankly her sense of humor are so inspiring that I feel so grateful to have made this connection with this wonderful human being. She goes by Veganish mama and tells us about the tough stuff and also gives us some ideas of plant based snacks. Let’s take a deep breath in….exhale….and hear from Heather. 

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