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Feb 18, 2019

This week on the My Gratitude Attitude Podcast I welcome Joanne Young of The Healing Cuisine. Joanne has been loving and creating gluten and allergen-free plant-based foods for over 25 years. She is an International Chef, Conscious Entrepreneur and raised her two children with her husband, in the jungle of Costa Rica.

In addition to providing easy access to healthy lactose/dairy free, gluten free, live superfoods, and macrobiotic recipes Joanne has expanded her services to include online plant-based cooking courses and her Raw Food Chef Certification are available to anyone with internet access. 

I first met Joanne while taking one of her Raw food classes where we learned how to make vegan cheeses using nuts and seeds. The class was so amazing that I signed up again for her desert class and have also since gifted her classes to family and friends. She truly turns food into art and makes the healthiest foods taste so delicious that you don’t feel as though you’re sacrificing anything. 

I am so excited to have Joanne on the show today and also SO excited that she is going to be coming to our emPOWERed REST retreat in April. 

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