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Sep 9, 2019

Shut up about Gratitude Already! 

Okay, so here is the thing I need to address before we get going too far into season 2. You guys I cannot believe the amount of people in my life who I absolutely LOVE and adore, like I’m talking they are my friends and family who don’t even listen to my podcast because they think it’s too positive and happy and that they just can’t live up to it. 

Oh my GOSH you guys! I need to clear this whole misconception up! 

Yes the title of the podcast is My Gratitude Attitude but dude, that does NOT mean that we are all about perfection and positivity over here! No freakin’ way! 

I am all about realistic expectations people. 

But here’s the thing. This summer I received one of the most touching direct messages through facebook by a gal who had attended our emPOWERed Rest Retreat earlier this year and she literally asked me and my sister if there was something special about us because we seemed to always have a positive perspective on things. She believed that she was a negative person and didn’t have it in her to change her mindset and wanted to know our thoughts on this. 

I was so flattered that she thinks I have a positive mindset because I work REALLY hard at this almost hourly - like I’m not joking. But also I had to write her back straight away and clear up this myth about me and the positivity thing. 

Here is the truth. There was about a ten year span in my life starting in my late teens running into my mid-twenties where I was miserable and so negative. I thought that I was too cool for any of the positivity stuff and that it was all hocus pocus. I honestly did not even TRUST a person who seemed too cheery and positive. If you had told my mid-twenty year old self that in ten years time I would be recording a podcast about gratitude and other mindset shifting stuff I would literally have laughed in your face and probably flipped you the bird. 

I hate that it took some really challenging and life threatening stuff to shake my brain into this space but truthfully that is what did it. If you don’t know the whole story head back to the first episode of season 1 to get a better understanding of why I chose gratitude and how my life view shifted, but the list of it is that we had major health scares with both my mom and my sister and I realized that life is too short to waste feeling shitty or being negative. We have NO clue how long we are here on this planet for a) and b) this planet that we are here on is pretty freakin’ spectacular and if you don’t believe me go and book a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or if that’s not possible then check out a planet earth episode or just go to youtube and search “amazing things about planet earth”. Like, we literally get to be here one time that we know of, and I just realized that there is so much beauty and wonder and awe here that I wanted to live my life looking through that lens so I ditched the whole negativity thing. I ditched being super judgy of other people and places and instead I leaned into seeing the best in people and trying to find the silver lining in situations. Does that mean that I don’t acknowledge or understand that there are really crappy things going on on our planet? Absolutely not. I am fully aware of it. But I am realistic and this is how - I know that if I continuously dwell on the negative events or injustices that take place here on earth that I will be of absolutely no service to others because my own depression and anxiety will take over. So, instead I have chosen to work extremely hard at changing my own brain chemistry using tips and strategies that I share in both season one and two in order to better myself and you so that we can serve this world with our gifts and unique talents. And honestly that is one of my favourite things about this podcast is that we really examine different practical ways that we can physically and mentally change your thought patterns. I mean how freaking cool is that??? Who would have thought that you can change your brain?! In the same way that you can tone a muscle and change it’s shape you can do this to your brain and your own thoughts, beliefs and habits. I truly think that this fact is REMARKABLE and in this way, I whole heartedly believe that we can change this world. So, I hope that you are with me. I hope that you agree with me that realistically, life is just so much more enjoyable when you’re feeling happy and joyful and are able to have a laugh instead of dwelling on the negative. I hope that if you are struggling to get to that place that you know that you are NOT alone and that I am totally here to support you with this podcast and my mentorship program. I know that you have unique and special gifts within you that want to shine through, so stick with me, do the work and have fun along the way! 

I cannot wait for season 2 to get rolling! Thank you SO so much for being here! 

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