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Apr 29, 2019

This week on the MGA podcast I chat with Lopa Van Der Mersch. 

Lopa is a lifelong health seeker and founder & CEO of Rasa Koffee, the first coffee alternative to offer functional health benefits through adaptogenic herbs. She is also a mother of two children under 3, and credits her ability to do All of The Things in large part to the help of adaptogens, herbs that help your body adapt under stress.

Lopa co-founded Rasa Koffee two years ago, and spent much of that time shoring up the complicated logistics and operations back-end, before fully launching Rasa to a wider audience. Rasa is founded on the belief that by bringing life-giving adaptogenic herbs into your morning beverage ritual, you can actually transform your days; and this effect has been seen time and again as customers relay how Rasa has genuinely changed their lives.

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