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Mar 18, 2019

This week I chat with the amazing Megan Marie Gates! 

Megan is a sound practitioner / yoga teacher / passionate poet / ecstatic dance facilitator living in the fields and forests of Prince Edward County, Ontario. Coming from a career in music theatre + dance, the fusion of both creative + yogic practices led her to the healing arts.   

Megan is also the the co-founder of WILD HEART HEALING ARTS: a holistic, creative gathering space in Prince Edward County and she splits her time between this space and running around Ontario offering movement + sound medicinals. She is headlining the Toronto Yoga Show and will be our musical aspect of the emPOWERed REST Retreat this coming April. 

We talk about growing up in the Prairies, doing her own thing, and we even get into the cultural appropriation of Yoga. This episode is worth listening to if you are a white woman practicing or teaching yoga.

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