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Jul 29, 2019

On this week’s episode of the MGA Podcast, I am interviewing Ashley Collette. Ashley joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2002. She completed her undergraduate degree at Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, ON. Following her graduation, she served as an Infantry Officer in the 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment in Petawawa, ON. Ashley deployed on Operation ATHENA as a platoon commander in Afghanistan from May to December 2010, and was awarded the Military Medal of Valour for demonstrating front line leadership that was critical to her soldiers' success during intense combat. Following her redeployment to Canada, Ashley was posted to Meaford ON, where she served as the training officer until she returned to study a Master of Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University in Kitchener, ON. Ashley was posted to Edmonton in 2015, where she works currently as a Social Work Officer. Her role focuses on providing therapeutic interventions for soldiers, in addition to clinical and administrative supervision of 14 mental health clinicians within the psychosocial department at Canadian Forces Base Edmonton. Ashley is currently completing her PhD at Royal Roads University part time, where she is focusing her research in the field of Posttraumatic Growth. In addition to her work in the Canadian Armed Forces, Ashley is the director of training at the Institute of Inner Source, a school offering education in yoga, meditation and embodied practices of wellbeing. 

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